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“Our Doctors of Osteo medical clinic has worked with Virginia and her team at Harlock Jackson on two projects. They have been amazing to work with and saved us from complete disaster!”

“Their professionalism, kindness, and ability to get our planning permits from the Council completed without delay far exceeded our expectations as we were asking almost the impossible just before the Christmas break. Virginia’s great communication skills coupled with her beautiful personality helped us navigate the complexities of the projects that eased our concerns and got the results that we wanted without any stress.”

“We are so happy with the outcome and highly recommend Virginia and her team without hesitation for any future projects.”

DR. ABBAS DIN - Director/Osteopath, Doctors of Osteo

“We were referred to Virginia Jackson by our architect. We are so grateful that Virginia Jackson was on our team. I cannot speak highly enough of Virginia.”

“Virginia is an expert and a true professional. It was refreshing to work with someone who had the knowledge, expertise and confidence to move the way we did at every stage of the planning process.”

“Virginia led our team at VCAT and is the reason we won at VCAT. Virginia’s preparation, planning, professionalism and comprehensive presentation at VCAT was a pleasure to watch.”

“It was refreshing to work with someone who did what they promised to do. The only way to show my appreciation to Virginia is to continue working with her and referring as many people as I can to Harlock Jackson.”


“I engaged Virginia to assist in obtaining planning approval through VCAT and having never gone through that process before, found her experience, pragmatism and comprehensive knowledge of the local planning environment very reassuring. She patiently walked me through every aspect of the process, was very professional and honest about what could be achieved and always very responsive to any of my queries. She led the team on the day of the hearing and was pivotal in getting our plans approved. I would not hesitate to recommend Virginia to anyone needing assistance. She made a very stressful and long winded process much easier to deal with!”


“It’s difficult to explain in a paragraph the ease, guidance & strategic success that comes with engaging Virginia Jackson. Inner city planning is a like a game of chess & with that; excellent planning advice is a small price to pay when it comes to honest, well-informed & trusting advice. Engaging Virginia to manage our planning process, benefited us greatly achieving a terrific design outcome without the cost & delay of a VCAT hearing (in partnership with Honto Architecture). Collaborating a great team, both architect & planner is a critical element in obtaining the desired outcome without much delay (after all, time is money). We look forward to engaging Harlock Jackson for future projects.”


“Virginia adeptly managed our application for a planning permit. She provided insightful advice throughout the protracted process, which culminated in a VCAT hearing. She was a stellar advocate at the hearing, demonstrating a sound and practical understanding of the planning scheme. Many thanks to Virginia for helping us obtain our planning permit.”


“We were having a very tough time working through a messy legal situation due to a permit. Virginia took control of our permit amendment application to the council and even though they pushed back initially, we have now got the permit we needed for our business. It was great to have someone with an understanding of how the process works and what is required to guide us through and get the permit approved. Thanks Virginia!”


“We were in a situation where our architect and building firm were to submit a planning application on our behalf, but due to the complexity of the build we sought to have specialist input from a planner. I did my research and approached several organisations, in the end, Virginia with her flexibility, knowledge and attitude was the one that gave me the level of confidence and comfort I was looking for. With Virginia’s help we were able to gain approval for our planning application without any request for further information, she made sure we had a thorough application that addressed any potential concerns the council may have had..”

“Thank you Virginia and the team for your support, I look forward to working with you on future projects.”

PHILLIP KONG - General Manager, Surrey Park Swimming

“When we were first advised by the Council that we needed to apply for a permit for our business location, they advised us that we could probably just "do it ourselves" and save ourselves some money. We decided not to do that and we are extremely glad we opted to use a professional firm. After speaking to a few planners we selected Harlock Jackson based on "gut feel" as much as anything as the proposals were all similar in price.”

“Virginia immediately focused on understanding our business and what we needed to achieve. She was extremely well qualified, honest in her opinions and timely with communication. Her understanding and skilful assessment of what Council wanted and didn’t want to see in our application was a key factor in getting our permit approved. Thanks Virginia and Harlock Jackson for a job well done!”

JUSTIN KING - Managing Director, 1800GJ Pty Ltd

“Virginia provided wonderful support during a long and difficult process with council and finally VCAT. Virginia was steadfast and efficient with her approach and was truly helpful. I won't hesitate to engage Virginia on my next project.”


“Our application was a rather more complex one than usual, and we were advised by the council that we would likely be rejected. Virginia helped us to formulate a strategic plan, create the submission, and meet with the objectors. Result: Approval! Thanks Virginia!”

STEPHEN GALE - Elektrika Pty Ltd

“We are glad that we picked Harlock Jackson to handle our planning permit. Virginia is a thorough professional with exemplary attention to detail and customer focus. Virginia’s vast experience and professional team was the key to success in our planning process. Thank you, Virginia.”


“Virginia Jackson provided very clear, objective and comprehensive advice. Her assistance was invaluable helping us to prepare our submissions, which she reviewed, gave helpful and fair comment on each, so ensuring each was targeted and concise. Her advice was effective and competent and she fully answered every question and every issue we raised.”

“We could not have asked for more in terms of guidance and direction and support throughout the appeal process. We received first rate assistance and advice.”

“We strongly recommend Virginia and Harlock Jackson to all who want fair, proper, open and clear, knowledgeable and thorough advice on planning and VCAT appeal matters. We are thoroughly satisfied with all elements of Virginia’s assistance with our VCAT appeal process.”


“Virginia is a straight talking professional with a wealth of knowledge and experience in her field. She has a great ability to cut straight to the heart of the relevant issues and call it exactly how she sees it. Thanks Virginia and team for helping us to achieve the ultimate outcome.”


“When you see a professional you expect professional service. This is what our group received. Virginia knew what was needed and made it happen. Minimum of fuss. Maximum outcome.”


“Virginia has been my saviour throughout this long and difficult process. I could not have asked for a more professional, helpful and supportive town planner. Your knowledge, ability and determination are all attributes I needed to get our desired outcome. Thank-you Virginia I couldn’t have won this without you.”

JO JACKSON - The Lab Perfumery

“Once we decided to go with your company, our stress levels almost disappeared as you handled every process (and hurdle) with swiftness and diligence. Our group consisted of a number of passionate individuals with differing personalities. Your communication and micro-management of these people was amazing. We all valued your feedback and honest opinion.

Your management of the various complexities of our case was exemplary. As was the instance also with your recommendations of other professional people and companies whose expertise we needed. As a result everything moved smoothly from stage to stage. From the council meetings, dealings with the various relevant authorities, right through to our numerous visits to VCAT practice days and finally the hearing.

We also appreciated your mindfulness of cost, and your recommendations of where we could save and where we should channel our resources.

I cannot speak of you highly enough to my friends and associates, and would recommend your company in a “heart-beat”, to anybody who needed help with any aspect of Urban Planning.”


“We were happy that you were our advocate [at VCAT]… you nailed it.”


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your work with our VCAT hearing. You have been a pleasure to work with and you have made the process that little bit more enjoyable.”


“Virginia was pivotal in getting our subdivision plans approved in an efficient manner. We were impressed with her confidence and expertise. She was well-prepared, able to foresee and account for any council objections, and our plans were approved in a faster than expected time frame.”


“Virginia and her team provided excellent, timely and professional service during a difficult planning process. Her conduct throughout the VCAT hearing was exemplary and without her services I doubt our desired outcome would have been achieved.

I do not hesitate in recommending her services to friends and colleagues.”


“I have been a client of Harlock Jackson for several years. Virginia Jackson and her team have acted on my behalf in preparing and lodging town planning applications through local councils; they have also recently represented me at a VCAT hearing.

I would like to express my thanks to Virginia and her dedicated team for the excellent result achieved at the VCAT hearing.

Harlock Jackson have been very professional and prompt with all aspects of customer service, town planning/building design and documentation. They have always been approachable, very reliable and extremely helpful in every task undertaken by them on my behalf. Virginia's knowledge in town planning, application preparation and representation is exceptional.

I would highly recommend Harlock Jackson to anyone considering town planning consultancy services and VCAT hearing representation.”

ANDREW KOUTROUZAS - Minerva Corporation Pty Ltd

“We are absolutely delighted with the outcome of our recent VCAT hearing! Thank you for all of your efforts, especially during, at times, difficult negotiations. We were extremely impressed with the professionalism of both you and your team.

Thanks once again!”


“We found in Virginia Jackson, a professional planning adviser who was not only timely, thorough and accurate in her analysis of the planning issues involved, but who also understood, realistically appraised and convincingly managed our client expectations. A true value service.”


"Our subdivision seemed like a daunting task as we heard mixed reports and some ridiculous quotes, none of which left us confident. It took us over a year to find Virginia and she was a breath of fresh air. She simplified the process for us and made it easy. I can only assume this is because she knows it back to front. I will be taking any future work of ours straight to Harlock Jackson."

JESSE MARTIN - Imajica Media Pty Ltd

"After deciding to develop my property I was advised by my town planner that the designs would be very problematic and gaining a permit would be difficult, which was very disheartening. I then approached Harlock Jackson where Virginia also advised that parts of the design were not favoured by council, yet what was proposed did have aspects which addressed the major areas of Council concern and if I was happy she felt positive that she could negotiate an approval. Eight months later and permit approved. Having a professional, positive town planner working for me made the process great."


“I would like to thank you and your team for all the hard work invested into every aspect of the Ararat Wind Farm project over the past couple of years. It has been a long road and I especially thank you for your patience, guidance and mentoring. Your love for every detailed aspect of the work has shone through and I am sure that this will continue to be your legacy. I trust everybody has gained from the experience and may continue to do so as we look to the future Panel Hearing and our ongoing working relationship.”

SEDAT EROL - RES Australia Pty Ltd

“I just wanted to thank you once again for your work. Your help is greatly appreciated and I hope you continue achieving high results for others.”


“This was our first development and we had no idea what was involved in getting our building developed. Our architects, Spaces, put us on to Virginia. She informed us in depth of every step involved and looked at all the options and finally when we had to go to the hearing in VCAT, she put us on to the best barristers and got us through without any issues. Great work Virginia.”